WHAT IF GOD told you to do something big… Would you do it?

Everyone in their life at some point will have to make a decision to either stay where they are or do something they never thought they could do.

Trust me when I say, when God called us to do this, we too were not ready. We’re asking you to put yourself in our shoes for the next few minutes while you read this and watch the video.

We are at a turning point in our lives, and God is giving us a burden to reach this community in a very unique way. Our confidence is fully in him. This is NOT about building another church, the world has enough church buildings. We’re of the belief that God wants to reach people right where they are.

So when God told us to purchase this property you can believe our first question was ” But God, why would a church need a putt putt golf course? ” Trust us, we know how crazy this sounds.

However God has made it abundantly clear this is not another building, this is a community center, it’s God’s property, God’s house, and he will make the rules. He has given us a firm and clear vision, to bring in the lost, restore broken families, and be an open home to those hurting and needing.

Oh and yes, there will be church, on Sunday. ( WE CAN’T WAIT ) We will celebrate Sunday and give thanks to God for all he does throughout the community center Monday – Saturday.

So here’s the full truth. God calls you and me, to be his hands and feet. We are truly the body of Christ, and when God wants something done, he will use you and me to get it done. So we are asking you to be used by God. If you can’t give, find a way to share this video.


God, rock this nation. Turn it on it’s feet, and blow the roof of this region. We are not Revivify, we are your people. Use us, shake us to the core, and may life change follow wherever you take us. Jesus thank you for your sacrifice, you are KING! We love you, we love your people! God whatever you want to do, we’re here, we’re willing, and our faith is strong. USE US ALL OH GOD! It’s not about a church, it’s ABOUT YOU! Please God save this region!!!

God can use you to make this happen.