Frequently Asked


How can I meet people?

We host Adventure Track each month that serves as a great time to meet our lead pastors, other ministry leaders, and people from our church. In addition, attending one of our many Small Groups is another way to introduce yourself to a smaller group environment. 

How can I join Revivify Church?

Attending Adventure Track is the best opportunity to learn more about the mission and vision of our church. This is also the time when you can make a decision to become a member and get connected! To find out more information about Adventure Track, visit the Adventure Track table in the lobby after service. 

Where can I go for more information about baptism?

At Revivify Church, we believe that water baptism is an outward expression of one’s inner faith and that it’s God’s plan for every believer to be baptized in water. If you have any questions or want to know more about making this public declaration of faith, feel free to visit our baptism table after service or visit the Water Baptism page on our info hub.

How do I get involved?

The Dream Team at Revivify Church is much more than just a team of volunteers; it is a family. That’s why we ask all of our Dream Team members to attend Adventure Track before commiting to serve in God’s mission with us. Information on Adventure Track can be found at the Adventure Track table after service. 

What should I wear while attending Revivify Church?

Revivify Church has no formal dress code. However, we desire for both men and women to dress modestly without offending one another. Wardrobe selections can be stumbling blocks for some, so we encourage everyone to be comfortable and dress without the pressure of performance.

What are your worship services like?

Revivify is a congregation rooted in love and committed to seeing transformational moves of God in each service.

The atmosphere in our services is driven by faith and celebration, eager to see the manifested presence of God through signs, wonders and miracles.

As someone new to the church, are there expectations of me?

Our expectation is that people would find the exact place they fit in the body of Christ. If Revivify Church is not “their church” then we want to help them find which one is. However, if God has led a person or family to us to make Revivify their home, then we desire for them to plug in and get connected by making themselves available to meet the pastors, other people, and be introduced to the ministries at the church by attending Adventure Track. We would love for every person attending to plug in when they are ready.

I'm divorced, is there a place for me to lead at Revivify Church?

Divorce is a tragic and horrible experience for any person who has had to experience it. Yet, those divorced are not exempt from forgiveness, grace, salvation, and righteousness. A divorced person will be discipled and promoted within Revivify Church like any other individual.

Can I meet the Recess Kids workers before I allow my child to be in the classroom?

Certainly! Our classroom directors are available most Sundays and can be contacted through the office or email. We encourage all parents to understand the policies of Recess Kids and get to know our leaders as quickly as possible. Each of our kid’s leaders are well trained and given security clearance to teach children at Revivify Church. Recess Kids teachers are fun, caring, and loving people who enjoy teaching children about life and Jesus.

Am I allowed to bring my baby into the Worship Center?

Yes, we believe there is no junior Holy Spirit and that infants and children alike can expereince the presence of God in our regular Sunday service. Although Recess Kids has worship services specifically tailored to each age group, we understand that certain circumstances arise where children are required to stay with their parents. Nursing mothers are encouraged to use our Nursing Room located to the left of the Worship Center.

Why do I have to check my children into class?

We value the safety of our kids as a top priority. Check in allows us to know who is responsible for each child we are taking care of. As each of our teachers have a thorough background check and are well trained to meet many needs, check-in provides parents an added security in knowing their child will be taken care of while at church.

Does my teenager have to be a member to attend youth ministry?

No. Our student ministry, The Point, is open to all teenagers.