It is a blessing every year to partner with Still Waters Ministries to bring Christmas to families that otherwise could not afford gifts for their children. This program is our way of giving back, going the extra mile, and blessing families that live in poverty right here in the CSRA

What we do

We work directly with the staff at Still Waters Ministries to discover families in urgent need of help each Christmas. Once we have received all of the information we need from each family, we forward the information over to you so you can begin shopping for your family! That’s right- YOU get to hand pick and pray over each gift you buy for the family we have assigned to you!


All of the families involved in the program are in desparate need of clothes. We encourage our adoptive families to buy winter coats, at least 2 pairs of shoes, 2 outfits, underwear and socks for the kids that were adopted.


Many families in the CSRA are lacking in basic daily hygiene items. We encourage our adoptive families to purchase hygiene items such as: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo/conditioner, feminine products, etc.


Our mission is not just to provide families with the basic necessities, but also to go the extra mile and bless them with toys/hobby items. We encourage our adoptive families to purchase toys fitting with the age and gender of your adopted kid(s). 

Making an impact.

One Family at a time.

The numbers of families affected by the Adopt a Family program grows each year thanks to generous people like you. We hope to increase these numbers for 2019 with your help!


Adopt A Family 2018 Est. Results: 


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From Our participants

These testimonies are from families that have adopted families through Adopt a Family. 

It was an amazing experience! My boys loved helping me pick out things for a girl who was their age. I think the biggest thing that stood out to me was how God made a way. One thing our girl had as a wish was a bike. My first search for bikes was out of range of the money I had for this. I searched again one day later and found a bike for $39 and it was for pick up at Walmart. I go to get it on the designated day only to find out it was not already assembled. Now I am pretty handy with tools but not that handy, but was going to try it anyway. As I am leaving the store I run into a fellow church member in the parking lot. She quickly states her husband and son can do it and even bring it to church on Sunday. God showed out to make this girls’ wish come true!!

Nikki Morris

Adopt a Family has become a tradition in our family. We try to adopt a child around our daughter’s age. It tends to hit home more for her when she realizes there are kids her age in our city that do not have the daily necessities that we do. This program is a great way of shifting our focus in the Christmas season and getting back to what really matters.

Jake & Kristen Baxter

Adopt a Family let’s our children learn how giving to unfortunate children is a blessing. The lesson is in us buying for our adopted family before we buy for our own family. It allows our children to see how some children ask for items such as toothpaste & toothbrushes instead of toys for Christmas. It really makes our children take a step back and thank God for all the blessings that He has given them.
Just to know that these children have something to wake up to on Christmas morning is such a joy!

Nancy Chesser

As a young adult, I have adopted families for the past 2 years with friends willing to pitch in what we had to make Christmas happen for one of these families. The result every year is the same: a sense of thankfulness and  joy that comes with making a direct impact on a family. Hand picking the gifts for each child and praying for a family I have never met is a humbling and rewarding experience every year! I will never get tired of this season and this mission!

Natalie Corley

let’s impact a family.


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