When the stage goes dark, where do you stand?

When no one is on stage giving us an opportunity to give, where does your giving stand?

When no one is on stage preaching to us to repent, to worship, to praise Him, to live right and do right, to pray, where do you stand?

I’ve asked these series of questions because more often than not when we leave the confines of the church building, everything that we were promoted and encouraged to do, everything that we were preached and taught to do, if not careful we leave it at the church and go back to our business as usual lives. I want to give you a stark reminder; you can come to church every day of your life and still be lost. Our salvation is secure not by works but by faith in Him. And that faith prompts us to pursue Him with everything we have. Not just when we are in trouble or when things are going wrong. But we are to pursue Him step by step, church service by church service, prayer by prayer, study by study and moment by moment.

The greatest thing about this pursuit is the closer you get to Him the more you want to pursue Him. He’s just that good and He is just that kind of God.

So, where do you stand?

Pastor Jason