So, as I leave the house this morning, I turned the wrong way out of the subdivision. Weird right? So, I chuckle and ask myself “what in the world am I doing?” I make the turn around and head the right direction. Then about 5 miles down the road, I look down and my keys to the office are not in the truck. I then remembered that I left in my wife’s car. I turn around again and back to the house we go. I then decide after retrieving my keys that I will go ahead and unlock the church for “A Day of Prayer” and then go run the errands I intended to run when this backtracking all started. Toward the church I go and then I blow right past the church headed to my first stop on my errand list. I know what you’re thinking right now; “this guy should not be out in the public today much less behind the wheel. So, I laugh at myself again and continue on my journey.

To the post office, Starbucks (for a freebie) and then to the bank. There, I find out that my debit card has been hacked, and not just hacked but duplicated in Tacoma, WA with someone trying to drain my account at an ATM. New card ordered but will take 7-10 days. No access to funds unless I go to the bank and draw cash. All my bills payed on auto draft now have to be reset. WOW!!!! What a morning.

Many would say that this day is not a good day. Or definitely not a way to start the morning. Oh’ did I mention that it is rainy and a little chilly outside? Yep, this is a day that most would suggest you stay in bed, watch some TV and tell the world you will see them tomorrow. But this morning all I could do was laugh a little and wonder. Wonder at why was it starting out like this. Wonder at what was happening behind the scenes that I wasn’t yet aware of. We often pray prayers that are very one sided when it comes to days like this. You know the prayers of keep me safe, give me favor, let me succeed and so on.  But today, for whatever reason none of this bothered me. It was almost like watching a movie of someone else’s life. I laughed at it some but wondered. I honestly began to dialogue with God a bit and simply said whatever is going on here God, it’s all good just as long as you get glory out of it. Yes it is aggravating, inconvenient and some times not fair.

Please understand I am not saying that things like this don’t bother me most days because they do. But today, for whatever reason I just felt like God was hanging out in the truck with me and maybe evening laughing a bit himself. But in the grand scheme of things there is a higher purpose and that purpose is his. Probably won’t see it or understand that purpose now but again this is a walk of faith not by sight. I will leave you with this to bring some comfort to your today especially if your day started out like mine.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 

-Pastor Jason