From the onset here, I only titled this post for attention sake. So gotcha!

In our world of technology, it is getting harder and harder to compete If you will, with the rock star pastors and churches who have the means and other resources to get their word out. Meaning, there is no shortage of preaching or teaching everywhere you look online. Let me say this here: churches are not supposed to compete. And I believe that with all my heart. We are supposed to win new souls for Christ. That is the mission of the local church. But our competition comes from local believers church hoping from place to place. That has sent the church into a tailspin vying for “members” in order to maintain our programs and budgets.

Over the years one of the things I have picked up on is that too many voices create confusion. And the danger in these times is that sometimes what is preached is not necessarily scriptural fact but more opinion based and scripture twisted to fit ones mindset or crafty thought.

The other issue is that any given message that a pastor preaches at his local church is not necessarily meant for others in another church. Let me explain. The Bible speaks of the church as a body with many parts. (1 Corinthians 12) And I personally believe that is not just speaking of the members in a local body of believers but also applies to the church globally. I believe that every church in every community is called to fulfill a very specific function in the body globally. One church may be the hands of the body. Others the legs and feet. While some are not actively seen or heard from but the church could not live without them. (Liver, backbone, etc.) And yet others, are very visible, eyes, ears and yes the mouth. So suffice to say I believe in the local church and we need every last one of them to be a fully functioning body for our communities.

Now, in light of that there are certain things that lets say the eye needs that the legs do not. Some needs they share together but some needs they do not. But they compliment each other. Legs need the eyes to see where to walk. And the eyes need the legs or they don’t ever go anywhere. Got it? Good! So whatever you church is in the global Body of Christ, a good portion of the messages preached there will be in direct correlation to the need of that local church and will not apply per se to another local body. And with unfettered access to millions of sermons from other churches can cause more harm than any good or at the very least cause confusion. So my word of cation to you is; be careful to what you listen too. Not every message preached in this day and age is correct. Not every message you hear online or over TV is necessarily for you and where you are at this moment. You can get good out of any message and that should be the goal. But if a message causes you to think against or opposite to that of your local church you better use cation. God gave you a local pastor to help perfect you. Let me add, the Bible tells us to test the spirits. (1 John 4) However, very little testing going on these days.

The local body of believers is so important. You should connect, dive deep and immerse yourself into a church locally. Not online, not a podcast and not a TV show. Whatever church you attend, probably a good chance that God has placed you there. Unless, you are one of those that has been looking for a church to “fit you.” And if so, we won’t stay anywhere long term.

So, help grow the local body. And by doing so, you grow the church globally. Give the local body everything you have in heart, mind and soul as well as any resources God has entrusted you with.  Then, watch what God does.

Pastor Jason